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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sydney stone... as in 6.35kg!

"Oi fatty - what you been eating?!" That was pretty much the first thing Shams sister said to him when she visited last week! I put it down to the fact that he has shaved his hair so looks more like a pea head... but Sham then came out of the bathroom to check if the scales were right... and if the tracksuit bottoms and tshirt he was wearing might add a stone to his weight!!

They say weight gain is a sign of contentment... I say weight gain is a sign of too much beer, cheap take aways, a compulsory pie on the way home from a night out and his wife finally learning to make yummy indian food!

It is all balanced out at the moment - we walk a lot due to not having a car, and Sydney is quite hilly so its pretty hard to avoid a cardio workout almost everyday! Sham is also playing football once a week with Arsepool United...the team that is made up of the husbands and boyfriends of my friends. He also manages some golf and even an occasional game of basketball!

I on the other hand, have lost half a stone since we have been here and have developed some muscles in my legs!! My fitness level is still pants, but I am certainly moving more than I have for a long time!

so, we are eating more here, but are also getting more excercise... that can't be bad can it??

Oh, I forgot to mention the British Draw in the kitchen full of goodies B brought us... Wispas, Toffee Crisp, Hula Hoops, Prawn Cocktail crisps.... oh dear!!

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