Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A busy few weeks... in no particular order...

Apologies in advance for a long post that talks about lots and nothing all at the same time!!

Our new footie team!

A couple of weeks ago, we went to see a live football game. Sydney FC were playing North Queensland Fury (seriously, thats what they are called!). The significance of this game is that one Robbie Fowler (or God as Liverpool fans apparently call him...) now plays for The Fury. The game itself was a bit like watchng a not very good game of Sunday league football. The highlight was watching the die hard Liverpool fans (about 100 of them) going mad when Fowler scored. One guy actually ran onto the pitch and threw himself into the celebrations - he would have got fined about $5k, but I know a few Liverpool fans who would call that money well spent!

Dust storm
Our bedroom curtains don't quite meet in the middle. This is normally not something that bothers us, but last Wednesday I woke up to an orange glow... at first I thought that I was thinking "red sky at night sheppards delight...etc etc" but then I got about 3 texts from my friends one after the other along the lines of "is anyone else freaked out..." and "wait till you get outside and start to eat dust". When the original panic of whats happened etc died down, I put the TV on to see what was going on. I know you all heard about it on the news, but here is what it looked like for us!

This is the normal view from our bedroom

Thank you for the messages etc to check we were ok. It was funny because by the time the UK were waking up to the news, it was completely over for us - apart from the film of dust that was left behind on EVERY surface, you would never have known anything so spooky had happened less than 12 hours ago!

Kunj makes a killing at the races!
This Saturday was Ladies Day at the races here in Sydney. A few of the girls booked a day out and we had an absolute blast!

I, in particular, had a great day... I managed to turn $40 into about $250... although after a couple of bottles of wine, a curry and a cab home, I came home with $90 - not bad!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I love it when a plan finally comes together!

As I write this, our life in Sydney is more certain than it ever has been!
This week, I started back at CMC Markets doing my old job... only this time, its more permanent as they have offered to sponsor me! We are trying not to get too excited as the government still has to grant me the visa, but this is closer than we have ever been!
We hope to lodge the application in the next month or so and then we will just have everything crossed...
Right, it's lunchtime!

Monday, 7 September 2009

If Carlsberg made cinemas...

... they would be a bit like the Gold Class one we went to last week!

There is an offer on Magnum icecream packets at the moment where you get a free cinema upgrade with every ice cream. Luckily, we are having a winter of 25 degree days, so it wasn't too hard to eat a magnum or four!
We went to see District 9 with Mark and Anita. It was lovely having a glass of wine, some chips and a chocolate fudge sundae while watching the film - Sham had pies of course! Unfortunately, the food, wine and beer wasn't included, so although the upgrade was free, we spent a fortune on the food!
Was a great experience and I don't think I will ever want to slum it in a normal cinema again!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

My bejeweled days are numbered!

Firstly, for those that subscribe to the blog, sorry for bombarding you with posts this week!

So - we have the hat trick for good news!
I had an interview for a contract marketing role this morning... I got there after nearly missing the ferry and being really hot and flustered, and managed to turn on the charm to the lovely lady that interviewed me (I can be such a suck up...!) and at the end of the interview, she just said when can you start!
I start on Tuesday and the contract is until the 27th of Nov. This means that from the second week of Oct it will be my turn to bring home the bacon while Sham gets dinner on the table every night!!

Right... I am off to buy a scratchcard to check if we have used up all our luck this week!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The nicest our flat has ever looked!

Our landlord has decided to sell the flat we are living in!
Its ok, we won't be homeless - they have to give us 60 days notice and we are coming home at the end of November anyway!
As I am home during the day, I got to be here when they staged the place for the pictures. It was funny cos they moved furniture, rearranged the kitchen and even moved pictures around!
Here is one of the pics they took...

If you are feeling nosey click here for a butchers of the listing!

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