Monday, 26 April 2010

Shahs in London!

We came, we ate, we drank, we shopped, I worked, we saw you guys (most of you!) and we left!

After all the excitement of coming home, its crazy how quickly it all went, but what's crazier is that after being back for two weeks, it feels like we have never been away!

So we have a few things to look forward to now we are back:

- Sham's cousin Asha and her hubby Nik are here in Oz and will be back with us for a few weeks in May;
- We are buying a car! Nothing decided yet, but watch this space!
- We are going to be an aunty and uncle - our friends Chris and Helen are having a baby thats due in October!

We have a busy few months, but its ok, cos we are home now!

I promise to update a little more regularly though as I know I have been a bit slack!

Bye for now


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