Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Old friends to visit!

Sorry its taken me so long to post this - Its been a VERY busy month or so!

As I mentioned in my last post, two of my oldest friends have been visiting Australia.
Natasha and the gang had a jam packed schedule of jetting around Australia for a few weeks and Heena managed to do lots in Sydney and manage to get a decent suntan considering we had the wettest October ever!

I did get to spend some time with Tash and her mum while they were here - and if I am honest, it really made me miss my mummy!

Hopefully her mum will tell my mum all about the meal I cooked and about how well we are settling here... that should have the desired effect of making my mum book her ticket over!

Sham was Heenas official tourguide and managed to take her to Palm Beach (of Home and Away fame), did the Bondi - coogee walk, visited Taronga zoo as well as various other must-do Sydney treasures!

I met them in the evenings after work - we took Heena to the Night Noodle Markets and she even managed a night out with the girls!

We did manage to pack lots into the weekends too with the Blue Mountains, a day at the races and a fun day of wine tasting carnage in the Hunter Valley all covered!

Heena would no dount name one thing as the highlight of her trip (apart from gossiping with me!!) and that is THE BRIDGE CLIMB!

Friday, 16 October 2009

More visitors = more fun food!

The last week has brought us a few visitors- my oldest friend Natasha arrived with here mum, cousins and aunty last Friday. Her brother Neal has lived here for a couple of year so its about time some family came to visit!
It was really weird to see Tash and her mum here. It was really lovely spending time with her mum - she is officially our first grown up visitor! Seeing her did make me miss my muumy though - especially when she was teaching me helpful cooking hints!

Yeaterday morning, one of my best friends Heena arrived! Bless her for braving that LONG flight all by herself to come and see us! She is staying with us for 2 weeks and Sham is in charge of being her tour guide! We have a few things planned for her though so she is going to get a taste of the life we love here!!

After getting to see my friends, the second best thing about having them over to visit is that they have all come bearing LOTS of crisps and chocolates!! I am considering setting up a stall at the market one weekend - I reckon I can make a killing selling Wotsits and Wispas!!

Finally, a massive Happy Diwali to everyone at home for the weekend - and we both wish you all a very properous new year!


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