Sunday, 19 September 2010

Our youngest visitor yet!

It was lovely to meet little Aaron Blackshah!
At 2 months old, the little man is already a jetsetter - his trip to Sydney got him on planes, trains, buses and trams!
We got to have a few dinners and drinks with his mummy and daddy cos he was very well behaved all week and was happy sleeping or talking to himself in his buggy.
So now he knows his aunty Kunj and uncle Sham, we are looking forward to getting to se him again in November on home turf - and I am sure it won't be too long before Kay and Ajay will be sending him over on his own to visit us!

Girls day out (Hels' non baby shower)

Last Sunday, we had a girly High Tea at a posh hotel in town. I was a lovely afternoon of little cakes and sandwiches, giggles, and pink champagne!

Although it was a girl's afternoon, we had some male company in the form of gorgeous Matthias - our friend Krystyna's little boy.

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