Sunday, 24 October 2010

One I forgot a while ago!

Every weekend, you guys in the UK have various XFactor related status updates... the thing is, if I start to download them, Sham will most definitely KILL me! So I watch the odd clip on youtube so I know who you are talking about!
Anyway, we have an Australian version on at the moment too (but I can't watch it cos it is soooo bad!)... and a while ago, Neal got some tickets to go and watch some live auditions! It was a lot of waiting around, average singers and on-demand cheering and booing.... camera's weren't allowed, but here is a sneaky one from my phone!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

October 2010 - so far, so busy!

We are only just over half way through the month and it feels like we have done lots and lots has happened!

The first weekend in October was a long weekend and as is the rule with long weekends, it rained NON STOP!
Unfortunately, this was particularly bad news because my colleague Tanya was hoping for an outdoor wedding..
Despite Plan B (an indoor wedding) having to be actioned, our first wedding in Sydney was lovely!

On following Friday, we woke up to a text from our friend Chris to tell us that while we were sleeping, Baby Roebuck had arrived!!
Baby Roebuck is actually called Fraser and he had arrived very early that morning!
Now anyone who knows me will know that teeny tiny babies terrify me... but there were two reasons that Fraser is a bit different... I have known about him for pretty much as long as his mummy and daddy have, I was his first visitor and I know that I will have a lot of baby sitting duties with this little man so there was no way Hels was going to let me get away with not holding him!

I am glad we visited them in the hospital as two days later, I was diagnosed with laryngitis... I was gutted to be missing out on cuddles, but pleased that Helen was sending me daily picture messages!

On Sunday 10/10/10, Sydney harbour bridge was closed so thousands of people could have a picnic breakfast on the real grass they had laid down.. we were lucky enough to have tickets to take part!

It was my friend Fiona's birthday, so we gave her a money-can't-buy birthday present... the only catch was, we all had to wake up VERY early (and I had lost my voice completely by now!)
It was a great experience (although, another weekend, more rain!) and if ever you are allowed to drink champagne at 7am, this is it!

This weekend has been spent at a first birthday party and helping Neal with his exciting new purchase... a flat... but more about that later!

We hope you are all well and have had updates from quite a few of you recently - those that haven't, please tell us what you are up to - we miss you!!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Ladies Day at the races!

We booked tickets for a girls day out at the races a while ago in the hope that Hels' baby held on in there and she got to have one last day out... and he held on in there!
It was another great day out and it was fun getting dressed up again (although I HATE clothes shopping in Sydney and it was a struggle to find something I liked (so look forward to seeing this dress often for dress up events!!)

I didn't do as well this year as l did last year-this year, Fiona cleaned up - turning a $3 bet on the last race into $245!!

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