Friday, 4 May 2012

Sham Shah - Action man!

As anyone who knows him will tell you, Sham is relatively fit... he maintains this by joining any odd-squad of football players he can find for a kick around, a semi regular round of early morning golf and occasional basketball and running stints. He also has a damaged knee that has been giving him hassles for the best part of 15 years! So it is sods law that he signs up to do the Urbanathlon with our friends Naz and Geraldine and promptly puts his knee out playing football!! Five weeks to go before a 10k run with various obstacles along the way, Sham managed to knock it at football! Here is a map of the course - I think it will mean more to you if you are in Sydney or have been to visit!!
It was a very early start on a cold and foggy morning. (These guys actually look half asleep!)
Luckily Hels and young Fraser came along to join me as spectators! We waited for the runners to set off, had a McDonalds breakfast(!) and then strolled to a few of the points around the course to cheer on the runners. The bad knee meant that there was less training done for this then planned, but on the day, Sham managed a not-too-embarassing time of 1 hour, 25 minutes and 41 seconds (1:25:41). Here are a couple of action shots... I have left out the ones where he was caught walking!!
Bye for now Kunj x

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