Friday, 10 December 2010

The royal visit

November 2010 was a fun month!
after nearly two years here, we finally welcomed parents to Sydney.
Sham's parents arrived the morning of Saturday November 6th. I left about 30 minutes after they arrived! My friend Jason was getting married, so off I went with some friends from work to his wedding, not to return until the next day - giving Sham some quality time with his parents!

Here are some pics from Jason and Emma's beautiful wedding:

The first weekend was Diwali weekend - so we took the parents to Parramatta to a mela... We saw more Indian people there than we have seen in the ENTIRE time we have lived here!

That week, Sham did lots of the Sydney must do tourist things during the day, and I joined them after work!

Mum and dad at Bondi

Mum and Dad at Manly!

Sham, Mum and Dad at Sydney Sky Tower

The following weekend, the parents visited Perth where they spent time with Shams cousin Shilan and his family as well as seeing various business contacts.

For my birthday weekend, we all went to New Zealand for a few days. It was really nice to meet Sham's cousin Malik and his wife Makilah who live in Auckland with their kids Imran and Aisha and to see the Blackshah clan again.

We all holidayed in a place called Paihia which is a three hour drive from Auckland in some lovely waterfront apartments. Check out our views!

We had a lovely day out on a boat (despite my sea sickness) and the highlight of the day was without a doubt the dolphins and whales we got to see!

Sham and Ajay even managed some physical activity!

Back in Auckland, dad toured the Indian convenience stores and we all got to spend lots of time playing with the kids...

When we got back to Sydney, we had a few days left to show mum and dad the rest of the touristy things left to do.
We spent their last full day in the Blue Mountains before coming back into the city for dinner at Darling Harbour. We couldn't have planned it better as they were switching on the Christmas lights that evening, so we got to watch the fireworks! I am having a few issues with the video we took, so I will post that on a later blog entry.
We ended the evening with a rather profitable visit at the casino!

It was really sad to say goodbye to mum and dad - and I doubt the goodbyes will ever get easier so we have to not think about the goodbyes and just remember the fun we have when they are here!

Next official visitors are Shak and the boys, but we do have surprise visitors with us at the moment in the form of Rikki and Nikki's cousin Hanisha and her husband Amit.

Bye for now Kunj

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