Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Food Food Food

Since the beginning of the year (well since the last of the visitors left), Sham and I have been making a conscious effort to eat well... cutting down on wheat and dairy, taking lunches to work* so that we don't end up buying oily noodles everyday (I MISS CBD NOODLES!) and eating more fresh fruit and veg than processed stuff! This has been a bit of a necessity for me as my new office is not in the city so there is a very limited choice of places for me too buy my lunch... and being vegetarian, my choices are limited further!

 *I have taken take food to work one step further and make a big salad with a friend at work everyday!  
Yummy Falafel salad

The wheat and dairy took a bit of getting used to - spelt bread is an acquired taste and its pretty damn expensive...The eating fresh stuff has become a lot easier since we have discovered a farmers market that is on every Saturday thats not too far from our house.
We get eggs, fruit, veg, bread, quiches, cakes (!) and some meat or fish for Sham there every week. The prices are comparable to the supermarket (and things that are in season are sometimes cheaper), but the freshness and quality is unquestionably better!

The rest of our fresh food is delivered on a Tuesday evening by Helen!
We are part of a farmers co op that delivers local food to a home in the area (to the Hubster!) The Hubster then boxes it up according to the order people have placed and then people go  and collect it from the Hubster.

Helen is our local Hubster, so I get a personal delivery each week when she pops over for a cup of tea! This works out good cos it means that we always have plenty of fresh fruit and veg in the house. And because its only things that are in season, we get to save on our weekly food bill as well as supporting local farmers.

Don't worry - as per my usual luck, all this eating well has not resulted in ANY weightloss at all!! Its ok, its enough to know I am saving money, eating well and putting good food in my belly!

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